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These are examples of different lawnsculpting design applications.

At Luxury Lawn Escapes we make every effort to balance our client's needs AND wishes.
so you can come home to YOUR escape!

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    Juliet’s Garden

    This is a creative example of an eclectic mixture of colors and greenery!

    This style of design magnificently affords the owner of flowering blooms throught the year and lush greenery when (rarely) not in bloom.

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    Joanne’s Garden

    This beautiful style of Lawnsculpting is rather complex, with it's mixture of non-native plants.

    This escape requires CONSTANT attention It can be very challenging, EVEN to a pro!

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    Jettka’s Garden

    This is a simply elegent butterfly garden. No nonsense, to the point.

    It simply attracts butterflies, and who does'nt like butterflies?