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Our Plants


Our High Quality Plants.

April 20, 2016 By: Brad Hill

At Luxury Lawn Escapes any and ALL plants that we use or sell are personally attended to by our highly trained horticulturist. Hand picking products in this fashion ensures us of our sucess and YOU of your satisfaction. All this means you get quality (of Plants and installation) UNMATCHED by anyone.

We also are the BEST at plant and shrub re-habilitation, save some money and let us FIX your damaged plants and shrubs. Take what you ALREADY have in place and make it the best it can be! So dont rip it all out until you let us review your soil, plants and situation.

Wether it's native Florida plants or hard to grow exotics, our highly trained horticulturist has the training, knowledge, experience and wisdom to make your property POP with the most color or the deepest green in your neighborhood.

After all .... you DO get what you pay for!